Watch Kurt Wagner And Six Electronic Musicians Reinterpret Lambchop’s New Album Live On Stage In FLOTUS Movements

Kurt Wagner is the mastermind behind the legendary alt-country outfit Lambchop, who last year released the digital-blues venture FLOTUS — a far-yet-familiar cry from the group’s roots in more traditional folk music and chamber pop. Back in November, Wagner presented a special, one-time performance entitled FLOTUS Movements at Cologne, Germany’s WEEK-END Fest in which he dissected and rearranged FLOTUS’ 11 tracks with the help of six local electronic musicians. The result was a remarkable, fascinating listen, with Wagner on-stage bending his vocals through a vocoder, at times joined by anywhere from a guitarist and drummer to no less than a saxophonist and rapper. The performance was captured in a new mini-documentary that shows footage both from the live set and rehearsal, in addition to a new interview with Wagner about the collaboration. In it, Wagner discusses why he decided to go electronic on his last album, his love of reinterpretations, and interacting with the local German music scene. Watch the documentary and listen to the audio stream of the performance below.


01 Kurt Wagner – “Howe”
02 Gregor Schwellenbach – “JFK”
03 Gregor Schwellenbach – “Directions To The Can”
04 Söhnlein Brilliant – “Writer”
05 Söhnlein Brilliant – “Harbor Country”
06 Colorist – “Relatives #2″
07 Colorist – “NIV”
08 Retrogott – “In Care Of 8675309″
09 Twit One – “Flotus”
10 Philipp Janzen, Marvin Horsch & Gregor Schwellenbach – “Old Masters”
11 Philipp Janzen & Marvin Horsch – “The Hustle”

FLOTUS is out now via Merge/City Slang.