Emperor X – “€30,000″

Last fall, Emperor X — the longtime project of Chad Matheny — released a new song, “Wasted On The Senate Floor,” a few days before the election, and that song’s cynical lens sounds only more urgent given the disappointing but perhaps inevitable outcome. Today, he’s announced that his next album, Oversleepers International, will be out in May, and has shared a new song called “€30,000.” As with most Emperor X songs, its bare bones allow a depressing narrative to unfold. This one’s about the bureaucratic red tape and soulless corporations that feed off disease, and it’s told in snapshots of flights and currencies and waiting rooms: “I owe €30,000 to the hospital/ I just spent $37 on commuter flights/ I killed 100 million cells of embryonal carcinoma/ I just spent 7 boring hours at the HRA,” Mathany recaps at the end. “Forgive. Or open fire. Or both.” Listen via The A.V. Club below.

01 “Wasted On The Senate Floor”
02 “Schopenhauer In Berlin”
03 “€30,000″
04 “Brown Recluse”
05 “Tanline Debris”
06 “Warmth Perimeter” (Feat. Stephen Steinbrink)
07 “Oversleepers International”
08 “God Save Coastal Dorset”
09 “Low Orbit Ion Cannon”
10 “Riot For Descendant Command”
11 “5-Hour Energy, Poland, 2017″

Oversleepers International is out 5/5 via Tiny Engines.

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