Lana Del Rey Launches Some Kind Of Treasure Hunt, Recipe, Or Anti-Trump Occult Ritual

Lana Del Rey posted a mysterious tweet last night teasing some kind of months-long scavenger hunt — or maybe it’s a recipe? Or, as you’ll see, it could be something else entirely. The tweet reads:

This was a couple hours before the stroke of midnight on 2/24, so presumably whatever this is, it’s underway. Although you’d think it’s a marketing stunt for the presumptive album containing her great new single “Love,” Reddit chatter suggests Del Rey is referencing a mass occult ritual designed to bind Donald Trump and his supporters. It involves casting a spell every waning crescent moon until Trump is removed from office. The dates for the spell align exactly with the ones Del Rey tweeted, so I guess that’s what this is all about. If it doesn’t work, prepare for summertime sadness, abetted only by the arrival of that new Lana LP.

UPDATE: An LDR rep confirmed the tweet refers to the anti-Trump witchcraft.