Juliana Hatfield – “Impossible Song”

“What if we tried to get along?” Juliana Hatfield belts on the chorus of “Impossible Song,” asking the question as if no one had ever thought to before. The lead single off her recently-announced, politically-inspired new album Pussycat, “Pussycat” is a plea for reason at a time when we’ve become so divided our identities are defined more by who we’re against than who we are. Perhaps Hatfield is being hopelessly idealistic, but that’s more reflective of how far gone we are as a nation rather than the merit of her words. “Maybe it would be smarter to recognize our shared humanity,” she sings, her vocals stretching out the last word as if to remind us what’s at stake. Despite the urgency of the subject matter, “Impossible Song” bounces with an optimistic pep, which feels like a necessary salve from the incessant gloom that has shrouded almost all of the discourse recently. Listen below via PopMatters.

Pussycat is out 4/28 via American Laundromat Records.