Ecstatic Vision – “Electric Step”

Ecstatic Vision first impressed us with their vast, hallucinogenic debut, Sonic Praise. Last month, the Philadelphia trio announced the release of their forthcoming sophomore LP, Raw Rock Fury, alongside the gnarly, ripping lead single “You Got It (Or You Don’t).” That song was a corrosive psych-jazz freak-out that flirted with progressive metal, but ultimately came across more immediately as bleary punk. At first ghastly, then quickly grand, the band’s latest epic, “Electric Step,” is nine minutes of lucid hard-rock that never strays from its path. It’s an exceptionally focused riff-roarer with a modicum of classic-rock flourish thrown in for good measure, building beautifully into and over a blissfully-noisy horizon. Listen below.

Raw Rock Fury is out 4/7 via Relapse Records. Pre-order it here.