Tinashe Announces Performances At Wrestlemania, Kentucky Derby

God, poor Tinashe. In 2014, she released Aquarius, one of the best R&B debuts in recent memory. Since then, she’s cranked out single after single, all in an effort to get her sophomore album Joyride off the ground. It still hasn’t happened. Joyride has no release date, and it seems less and less likely to ever come out. And now someone has hit upon the bright idea to throw Tinashe in front of enormous crowds whenever possible, regardless of consequences.

In a recent interview with the Albany radio station Kiss 102.3, Tinashe says that she’ll perform at two big events this spring: the Kentucky Derby and Wrestlemania. She’ll sing the National Anthem at the Kentucky Derby, and I imagine that’ll go all right. But no musicians have ever done themselves any favors by performing at Wrestlemania.

Wrestling crowds hate musical performers. They booed Diddy in New York a few years ago, and Diddy basically is New York. And unless Tinashe is there to sing “America The Beautiful” — they always do “America The Beautiful” instead of the Anthem at Wrestlemania for some reason — they will absolutely crucify her.

Tinashe, fire your management. Please.

UPDATE: A representative for the Kentucky Derby emails in to say that the race has yet to announce a National Anthem performer, so maybe it won’t actually be Tinashe.

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