Moogfest Announces Rare Michael Stipe Solo Composition And Audio-Visual Installation

Since R.E.M. broke up six years ago, former frontman Michael Stipe has done a whole lot of beard-growing and made very little new music. So it’s exciting to learn that he will be a part of MoogFest, the Durham, North Carolina festival that’s also set to feature people like Flying Lotus, Animal Collective, and Gotye.

At MoogFest, Stipe will unveil a new audio-visal art installation. According to a press release from the festival, that installation “will be an exploration of desire and movement and showcase footage he has shot in New York City, set to a soundtrack created by Stipe himself.” Stipe used Moog synths to put together the soundtrack, which he’s planning to release. Stipe himself describes it as a “rare solo composition.”

Moogfest comes to Durham 5/18-21; learn more about it here.