Tricky – “Escape”

Check out the 1:39 mark of the trailer for Ghost In The Shell, the new live-action remake of the classic ’90s anime. That’s Tricky, right? The movie isn’t listed on the trip-hop icon’s IMDB page, but if he does have a dramatic role in it, it’ll be Tricky’s first time appearing on movie screens since he got blown to pieces in The Fifth Element in 1997. (He also had a four-episode arc on Girlfriends in 2005, I’m just learning now.) And even if he’s not in the movie, Tricky will at least have something to do with Ghost In The Shell.

As Pitchfork reports, Tricky has contributed a moody and absorbing new instrumental track called “Escape” to the movie. It’s not clear that the track will appear in the movie itself — Clint Mansell did the score — but “Escape” will appear on the movie’s soundtrack album, alongside music from people like Johnny Jewel, DJ Shadow, and Gary Numan. Listen to “Escape” below.

The Ghost In The Shell soundtrack is out 3/31.