Wilsen – “Centipede” Video

“Centipede” is an enthralling wave of spectral folk, and further evidence that Tamsin Wilson’s debut album as Wilsen, I Go Missing in My Sleep, will be worth the considerable wait when it arrives next month. The song continuously and ever-so gradually expands throughout its five minute run-time, giving way momentarily to showcase Wilson’s enveloping voice before running itself back up. It’s slyly romantic yet haunting in its looping effervescence. Wilson stars in the song’s video, self-directed alongside Kennett Edwards, in which she gravitates with grace towards the beach, crossing through the city on her way. Wilson explained the track’s inspiration to Noisey:

A centipede creeped under my door at the very moment I was beginning a new song. Stuck between ideas, I watched it crawl around the room until this track was outlined. I was amazed at its aimlessness—how content it seemed wandering on foreign ground—and wished I could feel the same. In the video we wanted to illustrate that pursuit of stillness within identity.

Watch below.

I Go Missing in My Sleep is out 4/28 on Secret City.