Gucci Mane Autobiography Coming In September

Thus far, one musician has already given us a must-read book in 2017: the Mountain Goats frontman John Darnielle, whose deeply unsettling novel Universal Harvester is something you need in your life. Today, we learn about another. Gucci Mane, one of the most prolific and fascinating and generally great rap stars currently working, is set to publish his memoir The Autobiography Of Gucci Mane this September.

Gucci, who wrote the book with Neil Martinez-Belkin, started working on the book when he was serving out the prison sentence that ended last year. The 288-page book will follow Gucci’s journey from Alabama poverty into the drug world and to the heights of Atlanta rap stardom. Let’s all cross our fingers for a foreword from Malcolm Gladwell.

Simon & Schuster will publish The Autobiography Of Gucci Mane 9/19. Here’s the publisher’s listing.

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