Watch Rivers Cuomo Don A Ridiculous Sun Costume For Weezer’s Kimmel Performance

Last week, deathless guitar-pop institution Weezer shared the gloopy, synthy new single “Feels Like Summer” and, at SXSW, performed it live for the first time. And as of last night, they’ve reentered the late-night TV circuit. On Jimmy Kimmel Live, frontman Rivers Cuomo put on a deeply goofy sun costume, and the band played the song live. Old-timey Weezer fans may be slightly relieved to hear that the live version of “Feels Like Summer” has slightly more prominent guitar than the studio version, though it’s not like this would’ve ever found its way onto the Blue Album. And as an online bonus, Weezer also trotted out their thematically appropriate Green Album oldie “Island In The Sun.” Watch both performances below.

“Feels Like Summer” is out now on iTunes, and hearing it next to “Island In The Sun” is a pretty stark indicator of how far Weezer have come even since their first cynically poppy record.