Tricot – “DeDeDe”

Kyoto rockers Tricot have their third full-length release 3 on the horizon and are sharing its first single “DeDeDe” today. Often considered a math-rock band due to their sound’s intricate complexities, Tricot’s guitar-driven tracks land the band in a territory all their own. The language barrier is no match for Ikkyu Nakajima’s emotive vocals, which go to soaring heights at the song’s close. “DeDeDe” travels from bopping to rushing and eager to austere, and that’s just in the first minute. Listen to the track below.

01 “Tokyo Vampire Hotel”
02 “Wabi-Sabi”
03 “Yosoiki”
04 “DeDeDe”
05 “Sukima”
06 “Pork Side”
07 “Pork Ginger”
08 “Echo”
09 “18,19”
10 “Namu”
11 “Munasawagi”
12 “Setsuyakuka

3 is out 5/19 via Topshelf Records in North America, Big Scary Monsters in Europe, and the band’s own Bakurestu Records in Japan.

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