RAC – “This Song” (Feat. Rostam)

This year, Andre Allen Anjos became the first Portuguese artist ever to win a Grammy (for his remix of Bob Moses’ “Tearing Me Up”), but he’s been making music as RAC for a long time now. With 2014’s Strangers, he moved away from exclusively making remixes and into the territory of original compositions, and he’s going to release a follow-up to that later this summer. Today, he’s unveiled the first single from his new album, “This Song,” which features vocals Rostam Batmanglij, the former Vampire Weekend member and an exciting pop musician in his own right. Anjos spoke to Billboard about the new track, which was recorded in Rostam’s LA studio:

Creatively speaking, ‘This Song’ came together pretty organically. It feels a little more earnest, a little more honest. It was really interesting to get in a room with another producer, someone with that same mindset. I wasn’t sure how that was going to work, because normally when there are tow people with very strong opinions about how things should sound, it can get difficult, but in this case it was not. It was awesome. It’s really great to have somebody that’s going through a lot of the same things that I am. Whenever he had an idea, it was always like ‘oh, I haven’t thought about that, but it’s awesome,’ which isn’t usually the case.

Watch a lyric video for the song below.

RAC’s new album is out this summer via Counter Records.

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