Turtlenecked – “Meeting You In The Hospital”

Harrison Smith has been releasing anxious art-rock as Turtlenecked at a frantic pace a couple years now. Last August, he put out his first official full-length, Pure Plush Bone Cage, and quickly followed that up with demo collection Caveat and “Boys Club,” an angry song that was released a few days after the election and serves as the opening track of Turtlenecked’s forthcoming album, Vulture, which is being officially announced today alongside a new song, “Meeting You In The Hospital.” It’s a sweet-sounding song about love with a sardonic center as Smith picks apart the vagaries of modern romance with a cynical wit: “I’d rather be cliché than a liar,” he sings, admitting vulnerably later on: “I don’t wanna die alone or mean.” Listen below.

01 “Boys Club”
02 “Pangloss”
03 “My New Necklace”
04 “Pyrex”
05 “Harrison 2″
06 “Meeting You In The Hospital”
07 “Bronze Bull”
08 “Human Veal”
09 “Tummy”
10 “Stradivarius”

Vulture is out 6/16 via Good Cheer Records. Pre-order it here.

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