LCD Soundsystem Ask Fans Not To Film New Songs (!) Tonight

LCD Soundsystem will be performing new songs when they begin their residency at new NYC venue Brooklyn Steel tonight. And chances are you’ll be able to hear them by tomorrow morning unless tonight’s crowd obeys the band’s wishes and puts their phones away.

A message the band posted in the venue has made its way to Twitter. First it requests that fans not film old songs because they’re not going to improve on LCD’s farewell concert movie Shut Up And Play The Hits. Then it requests that people not film new songs(!) because after working hard on them for 18 months, the band wants to present them to the world as they see fit (i.e. not via grainy phone footage). Unless they confiscate people’s devices at the door, someone is probably going to film tonight — or at one of the other four shows. So consider this your warning that James Murphy would rather you not watch those inevitable uploads and hold out for LP4.

Read the band’s full message below.

hi there guys! Welcome! We have a special plea.

please don’t film the old songs. We already made a whole movie out of those and you’re not gonna find a “better angle” with your iPhone than Spike Jonze found with his camera.

please don’t film the new songs. It’d be a real gutpunch to all the people who have been working insanely hard for the last 18 months to release this music in the way we want to release it.

we’re very excited to play for you tonight. Be here with us.

lots of love from LCD