Amber Mark – “Lose My Cool” Video

Amber Mark is a singer from NYC whose music amalgamates all sorts of sounds she picked up traveling the world with her mother, a Buddhist artist born in Germany. Mark continued globetrotting after her mother’s death a few years ago, spending time in India, Thailand, Nepal, Miami, New York, and Berlin as she processed her grief. Her upcoming 3:33 am EP takes stock of all of that: her mother’s influence, the pain of losing her, and the extensive cultural experience that accompanied it all.

Lead single “Lose My Cool” contains elements of gospel, pop-house, old-school soul and futuristic R&B. All of it coalesces into a smooth canvas for Mark’s powerful low-key vocals about those moments when she can’t help but speak her mind. It arrived today with a video that toggles between high-def scenes of a plaintive Mark and grainy footage of the singer in a more lighthearted mood. The whole package is quite winsome. Watch below.

3:33 am is out 5/12 on Jasmine Music Limited/PMR/Interscope.

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