Nas – “Angel Dust”

In his new song “Angel Dust” (which is part of the The Get Down soundtrack), Nas recounts the negative, misleading images associated with the “devils dust” and how life gets sidetracked real quick when you’re addicted to it. “Like a dog which turns to his own vomit/ A fool for chaos, taking what we can salvage,” he raps over samples of Gil Scot Heron and Brian Jackson’s song of the same title. Nas is an executive producer of the Netflix show that takes place in New York City in the ’70s and voices Ezekiel “Zeke” Figuero as an adult. “Angel Dust” also features samples of old news reports and a voiceover from actor Frank Wood who plays the late ’70s mayor of New York City Ed Koch. Hear the slick and merciless narrative below.

Tags: Nas, The Get Down