Smidley – “Fuck This” Video

Smidley – “Fuck This” Video

Smidley is the poppier, less gloomy new project of Foxing’s Conor Murphy, and he’s just announced his self-titled debut album under the name. We liked “No One Likes You” when it surfaced a couple of weeks ago, and today he’s shared a music video of a raucous house party to accompany his new song “Fuck This.” It’s a catchy and soaring capitulation at the meaninglessness of it all, and it bodes well for what’ll come out of the project’s first full-length when it comes out in a couple months. Watch and listen below.

01 “Hell”
02 “No One Likes You”
03 “Dead Retrievers”
04 “Nothing’ll”
05 “Pink Gallo”
06 “Fuck This”
07 “It Doesn’t Tear Me Up”
08 “Power Word Kill”
09 “Milkshake”
10 “Under The Table”

Smidley is out 6/2 via Triple Crown Records.

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