Kendrick’s DAMN. Credits James Blake, Thundercat, & Greg Kurstin … But Who Is Bekon?

The wait is over. Kendrick Lamar’s ridiculously exciting new album DAMN. is out there in the world. And while we already knew about Rihanna and U2 showing up on the album, they are far from the only boldfaced names involved. The album’s credits have now hit the internet, and they include some surprises.

For example: James Blake is one of five credited producers on “ELEMENT.” Thundercat played bass on “FEEL.” Jazz great and past Kendrick collaborator Kamasi Washington teamed up with producer Sounwave the strings on “LUST.” BADBADNOTGOOD co-produced “LUST.,” and the track includes vocals from Kaytranada.

Solid-gold pop hitmaker and former Geggy Tah member Greg Kurstin is one of four credited producers on “LOVE.” Kendrick himself played keys on “XXX.” Mike Will Made-It gets production credits on three songs, and other producers who show up in the credits include the Alchemist, 9th Wonder, Terrance Martin, and the Internet’s Steve Lacy, as well as frequent Kendrick collaborators like Sounwave, DJ Dahi, and Tae Beast.

But the biggest question mark in the album’s credits is Bekon, a mysterious figure who gets production credits on eight of the album’s 14 songs. Nobody on the internet this morning seems to have any idea who Bekon is. He’s this album’s BOOTS. Could it, perhaps, be a pseudonym for Kendrick himself? Or is this some previously-unknown production mastermind who’s new on the scene?

UPDATE: “Bekon” has been revealed to be the pseudonym for producer Daniel Tannenbaum, who used to go by the name Danny Keyz, as Pitchfork reports. In the past, he’s worked with Dr. Dre, Eminem, BJ The Chicago Kid, Snoop Dogg, and more.

Here are the full credits, via Pitchfork:

01 “BLOOD.”

Composer(s): Anthony Tiffith, K. Duckworth, D. Tannenbaum
Producer(s): Bekon, Anthony Tiffith
Additional vocals: Bekon

02 “DNA.”

Composer(s): K. Duckworth, M. Williams II
Producer(s): Mike WiLL Made-It
Additional guitar: Matt Schaeffer

03 “YAH.”

Composer(s): D. Natche, Anthony Tiffith, K. Duckworth, M. Spear
Producer(s): Anthony Tiffith, DJ Dahi, Bekon, Sounwave
Additional production: Bekon
Additional vocals: Bekon


Composer(s): R. Riera, J. Blake, K. Duckworth, M. Spears
Producer(s): Bekon, James Blake, Ricci Riera, Sounwave, Tae Beast
Additional production: Tae Beast, Bekon
Additional vocals: Kid Capri

05 “FEEL.”

Composer(s): M. Spears, K. Duckworth
Producer(s): Sounwave
Bass: Thundercat
Additional vocals: Chelsea Blythe
Additional guitar: Matt Schaeffer


Featuring: Rihanna
Composer(s): K. Duckworth, D. Natche, Anthony Tiffith, M. Spears, T. Martin
Producer(s): Terrace Martin, Sounwave, DJ Dahi, Anthony Tiffith
Additional vocals: DJ Dahi

07 “PRIDE.”

Composer(s): K. Duckworth, A. Wise, Anthony Tiffith, S. Lacy
Producer(s): Bekon, Anthony Tiffith, Steve Lacy
Additional production: Bekon
Background vocals: Anna Wise, Steve Lacy
Additional vocals: Bekon

08 “HUMBLE.”

Composer(s): K. Duckworth, A. Hogan, Michael L. Williams II
Producer(s): Mike WiLL Made-It
Guitar: Matt Schaeffer

09 “LUST.”

Composer(s): M. Spears, K. Duckworth, C. Hansen, D. Natche, A. Sowinski, M. Tavares L. Whitty
Producer(s): Sounwave, DJ Dahi, BadBadNotGood
Strings: Kamasi Washington, Sounwave
Additional vocals: Kaytranada, Rat Boy

10 “LOVE.”

Featuring: Zacari
Composer(s): Z. Pacaldo, T. Walton, Anthony Tiffith, M. Spears, G. Kurstin, K. Duckworth
Producer(s): Sounwave, Teddy Walton, Greg Kurstin, Anthony Tiffith
Additional vocals: Kid Capri

11 “XXX.”

Featuring: U2
Composer(s): D. Natche, L Mullen, P. Hewson, A. Clayton, K. Duckworth, D. Evans, M. Spears, M. Williams, II, Anthony Tiffith
Producer(s): Mike WiLL Made-It, Anthony Tiffith, Bekon, DJ Dahi, Sounwave
Additional production: Bekon
Additional keys: Kendrick Lamar
Additional vocals: Bekon, Kid Capri

12 “FEAR.”

Composer(s): K. Duckworth, D. Maman
Producer(s): The Alchemist
Additional production: Bekon
Additional vocals: Charles Edward Sydney Isom Jr., Bekon, Carl Duckworth

13 “GOD.”

Composer(s): M. Spears, R. Riera, D. Tannenbaum, K. Duckworth, D. Natche, R. LaTour, Anthony Tiffith
Producer(s): Cardo, Ricci Riera, Sounwave, DJ Dahi, Anthony Tiffith, Bekon
Additional vocals: Bekon
Additional drums: Mike Hector


Composer(s): K. Duckworth, P. Douthit
Producer(s): 9th Wonder, Bekon
Additional production: Bekon
Additional vocals: Bekon, Kid Capri