Stream For Everest & Carb On Carb’s New Split EP

New York/Philly’s For Everest and New Zealand’s Carb On Carb met how most bands from opposite ends of the world end up meeting: on the road. The bands felt a kinship with each other and, after a few more chance encounters at venues around the States, they decided to put out a split together. And despite their geographic distance from one another, they share much of the same ethos and draw from the same influences. The songs on their upcoming split are both of their first since their debut albums came out — For Everest’s excellent 2016 LP We Are At Home In The Body and Carb On Carb’s great 2015 self-titled release — and they’re both effective in hinting at where both bands could head next. The highlight on For Everest’s side is “Turnpike,” which builds to an anthemic chorus that’s characteristic for the group and sounds as bleary-eyed and frantic as a late-night drive down the highway. And Carb On Carb’s “Ma,” which closes out the split, is a tender ode to a grandmother that’s filled with admiration and remorse: “I’ll hope that I’ll be able to laugh as proudly and deliberately as her,” Nicole Gaffney sings on the hook. Listen to the entire split below.

For Everest and Carb On Carb’s split is available to pre-order through Square Of Opposition Records.