Slayer’s Tom Araya Says Americans Are Crybabies

Earlier this year, a few days after Donald Trump became President of the United States, Slayer posted an image on their Instagram of the band, with Donald Trump Photoshopped in. This pissed people off. Soon enough, the news came out that singer/bassist Tom Araya had been solely responsible for posting the image and that the rest of the band wasn’t happy with it. (In the Instagram comments, Araya also joked about Mike Pence using electroshock therapy to turn gay people straight.) And now Araya has learned his lesson. And his lesson is this: Americans are crybabies.

As Blabbermouth points out, the Chilean-born Araya recently did an interview with the Chilean radio station Futuro. In that interview, he talked a bit about the reaction to that Instagram post. Here’s some of what he said:

That’s what America has become. It’s become a bunch of people that, because they didn’t get their way, they’re mad. I shared a picture that I thought was funny. They can’t even joke. They can’t even laugh at themselves. They can’t even have fun. And that just is amazing, that it’s come to that. We’re a nation of crybabies [laughs]…

I thought it was funny because of all the rhetoric that Donald Trump is getting and how everybody hates him. I decided to post the picture. I knew that some people wouldn’t like it. You have to do that, though. I’m in Slayer [laughs]. And being in Slayer, sometimes you do stuff like that just to piss people off [laughs]…

I didn’t realize that it was going to be the way it was, which is blown out of proportion, people saying really mean things. I’m amazed. I was just amazed at the response, as far as people thinking that it’s funny, and they thought it was great, and they support Trump. And other people didn’t like it, they thought it was ugly and they can’t believe that I support Trump [laughs]. I don’t even support Trump. I didn’t vote for Trump, and I didn’t vote for Hillary. Those are two people the furthest from that I would ever vote for. I was taken aback by the response and how people reacted. It was all in fun. It was all to make people laugh because I thought it was funny — and also to piss some people off. I just didn’t realize that I was going to piss so many Slayer fans off.

You can hear clips from the interview at Blabbermouth.

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