Art School Jocks – “Catdog”

The lo-fi Atlanta rockers Art School Jocks are releasing their self-titled debut EP for Father/Daughter Records this summer. The quartet previously shared the casually snarling lead single “Just A Gwen” a few weeks back, and today they’ve let out another song from the project. “Catdog” is a ticking, hooky chunk of garage pop, sounding simultaneously swelling and as though it’s always settling down. The group broke down the song’s thematic content to the Fader:

“Catdog” is about coded and subconscious body language. It’s about seeing the duality in any given moment and understanding that what can seem inviting and coolly communicated may in another realm be understood as an act of aggression or transgression. It’s about understanding that any one thing is painted in a multitude of ways depending on who’s seeing it and what their influence casts.

Listen below.

The band’s self-titled EP is out 6/2 via Father/Daughter.