Daddy Issues – “Locked Out”

“Locked Out” is the third song we’ve heard from Daddy Issues’ upcoming debut album, Deep Dream, following “I’m Not” and “In Your Head,” and it’s the kind of sadsack slow-burn that seems to be turning into the young Nashville trio’s specialty. This one “was inspired by a summer fling that didn’t last any longer than pool season,” says the band’s Jenna Moynihan, adding: “It’s about forgetting or losing your keys, and fortunately having some company, a couch on the porch and nice enough weather to get you through the night.” The verses establish sloppy blackouts in the suburbs and awkward makeout sessions, and the chorus digs into the hook: “It’s unimportant now because I’m unimportant now,” and the way Moynihan emphasizes her alienation is painful and real. Listen below.

Deep Dream is out 5/19 via Infinity Cat Recordings. Pre-order it here.

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