Brainiac Documentary Launches Kickstarter

One of the great musical what-if stories of the ’90s: How famous might Dayton art-punk mad scientists Brainiac (aka 3RA1N1AC) have become had frontman Tim Taylor not been killed in a car accident in 1997? The band played the side stage at Lollapalooza, toured with Beck, and recorded with Steve Albini, Kim Deal, and Jim O’Rourke during their five-year tenure, not to mention releasing cult-favorite albums such as Bonsai Superstar. Among Dayton indie rock fans, they are as revered as Guided By Voices and the Breeders.

As it stands, Brainiac are fiendishly beloved by a small circle of initiates, but they may yet achieve wider fame thanks to a new documentary in the works. Brooklyn musician, filmmaker, and Ohio expat Eric Mahoney is directing the project, which will feature interviews with Wayne Coyne, Cedric Bixler-Zavala, Fred Armisen, King Buzzo, and others. But in order to complete production, he’ll need some more money. Nine days remain on the film’s Kickstarter fundraiser, and as of now Mahoney has raised $24,050 of his $40,000 goal. Click over and kick them some cash if you want to see this movie made, and check out the trailer below if you need further convincing.

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