Wilder Maker – “New Streets”

Wilder Maker – “New Streets”

Brooklyn’s Wilder Maker have teamed up with mainstay Omaha record label Saddle Creek for their new Document Series, which highlights up-and-coming artists outside of the label’s roster by offering unreleased music from the artists via a special 7″. The vinyl includes a custom zine that feature the artists’ hometowns and the make-up of their own music scenes. For this release, Wilder Maker give us “New Streets,” their first new bit of music since 2015’s EP trilogy Everyday Crimes Against Objects Of Desire.

Led by songwriter Gabriel Birnbaum, the track was recorded at Figure 8 Recording by musician Sam Evian. “New Streets” weaves in rich textures with its strong saxophone and guitar parts and longtime collaborator Katie Von Schleicher’s soaring vocals. The grand feeling, bigger band, and vocal delivery are all reminiscent of indie pop collectives like San Fermin. Birnbaum sent us some background on the track:

“New Streets” is about a perfect, long summer day in Brooklyn, following close friends as they wander through beach bars and house parties and end up blissfully stoned on mushrooms in Prospect Park, feeling the long timeline of the city’s history rushing forward to carry them into the future. It’s an attempt to catch the kind of everyday euphoria and friendship that’s usually taken for granted and forgotten shortly after and put it in a gilded frame, like a Renaissance oil painting of a casual summer night in 2017.

Saddle Creek also explained the genesis of the Document series:

In the beginning, Saddle Creek was simply a way for us to highlight the music and art community in our hometown of Omaha, NE. Over the years, we have grown and our roster expanded to include artists from all over the world, but we never lost our love for the spirit in which the label was founded. While the scope of the label may have evolved over time, we know there are great music scenes all around the world that are in the same place we were in the beginning: a group of creators coexisting and collaborating within an artistic community that they know is special, but hasn’t quite gotten the spotlight it deserves.

With that in mind, we introduce our new vinyl series, Document. We see Document as a unique way to reference our past, while at the same time reaching out to bands that aren’t already part of the Saddle Creek family and allowing them to shine a light on the art and music of their own communities. It’s our way to try to capture a band and their community in a specific place at a specific time, and share that with the world.

Check out “New Streets” below.

The “New Streets” b/w “Only Child” 7″ is out 6/2 on Saddle Creek. Pre-order it here.

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