Great Grandpa – “Teen Challenge”

Seattle quintet Great Grandpa are disciples of that always-flourishing post-Weezer school of indie rock that prizes humongous power chords and even bigger hooks. Or at least that’s how they sound on “Teen Challenge,” the tremendous opening track from their upcoming album Plastic Cough. No wheels are reinvented here; instead, the fundamentals of sludgy power-pop are deployed with such expertise that you’ll feel like you’re hearing this kind of song for the first time. Bonus points for the rad Built To Spill-style breakdown on the bridge! Listen below.

01 “Teen Challenge”
02 “Favorite Show”
03 “No”
04 “Fade”
05 “All Things Must Behave, Eternal Friend”
06 “Expert Eraser”
07 “Faithful”
08 “Pardon My Speech”
09 “Grounded”
10 “28 Js L8r”

Plastic Cough is out 7/7 via Double Double Whammy.