HAIM And Katy Perry Will Close Out SNL’s Season

Saturday Night Live has had its share of big musical guests over the past year, and the venerated show will end its season in grand fashion. We already knew that LCD Soundsystem will serve as musical guests on the show’s 5/6 episode, with host Chris Pine. And the show has now revealed that its final two guests will be HAIM and Katy Perry. Those three musical guests have released a grand total of one new song this year, so this is a clear sign that we’re about to get new music from all of them.

HAIM have, of course, been teasing their long-awaited second album recently; a new song (or something) will apparently arrive tomorrow. They’ll be the musical guests on the 5/13 episode, and Melissa McCarthy, probably this season’s MVP thanks to her Sean Spicer impression, will host. And for the 5/20 season finale, Katy Perry, who released the attempted comeback single “Chained To The Rhythm” back in February, will be the musical guest. Dwayne Johnson, the motherfucking Rock, will host.

Honestly, I’d be happier if they just booked the Rock as the host and the musical guest. He could sing “You’re Welcome” from Moana, and then he could bring out Wyclef for “It Doesn’t Matter.” It would almost certainly be better than “Chained To The Rhythm” and some other new Katy Perry song.