Algiers – “The Underside Of Power” Video

We named Algiers a Band To Watch back in 2015 on the strength of their self-titled debut. The politically-minded gospel-punks, now a quartet following the addition of former Bloc Party drummer Matt Tong, are returning in June with a new album called The Underside Of Power, produced by Portishead’s Adrian Utley and Ali Chant, mixed by Randall Dunn of Sunn O))), and featuring post-production by the Men’s Ben Greenberg. Dunn and Greenberg both have cameos in the Henry Busby-directed video for the title track, which follows the band as they organize an anti-fascist resistance movement from their dimly-lit underground bunker. The song itself is a winner, a heady blend of Suicide-style synth-punk and classic soul, and this is what frontman Franklin Fisher has to say about it:

I heard someone say once that you don’t know what real power is until you’re on the wrong side of it. That was the inspiration for “The Underside Of Power.” To be someone who has known first-hand, the full brunt of institutional force, the feeling of being completely vulnerable to it and powerless against it, is a bitter reality for the vast majority of people. The image of an insect being squashed by a boot comes to mind. But with that image comes a slightly hopeful paradox: Just as all systems have inherent flaws, so does the proverbial boot, which leaves the slight possibility for the insect to creep through and bite back…

Watch below.

The Underside Of Power is out 6/23 via Matador. Pre-order it here.