PC Music Will Release Something New Every Day In May

PC Music aren’t quite as prolific as they were in their hayday, but the amorphous pop collective has announced Month Of Mayhem, a new initiative in which they’ll release something new every single day in May. They’re kicking things off with an A. G. Cook remix of “Me4U,” a new Danny L Harle track that was released last week, alongside a brief conversation between the two longtime buds and collaborators. Listen to the remix and the original below, and get ready for a lot more PC Music coming this month. A terrifying prospect for some, an exciting one for others! Color me excited.

Harle: What do you think Me4U is about?

Cook: It’s obviously about two people becoming one – love, dedication, amalgamation etc. Though I also can’t help noticing how obsessed you are with both the word ‘you’ and the sound ‘ooh’ in general. It’s all over most of your tracks, and it’s used very carefully in Supernatural – but Me4U gets completely obsessive! Maybe that fits the narrative, all about ‘you’.

Harle: What is the future of television?

Cook: Teletubbies but with a much, much larger cast.

Harle: What is your criteria for something to be interesting or important?

Cook: Interesting and important are very different things to me! I find almost everything genuinely interesting, and I feel like relatively few things are actually important.

Harle: Does your remix contain elements inspired by any third party recordings?

Cook: Yeah tons! I feel like most of my music is quite referential, but especially remixes. There are a couple of very short noodle-y moments in my version that are intended to sound a bit like you (!) The main chords are very a “A. G.” interpretation of Me4U, but I thought it would be funny to actually (finally?) put a drop after the build, even if it’s a weird one :P Then most of the track avoids the UK Garage vibe of the original, until the very end when I fully give in to Artful Dodger. I also feel like that whole section is a bit old skool Dux Content, maybe even Dux Kidz. Dux for a post-Clean Bandit reality.

“Me4U” is out now via PC Music.