Bleachers – “Don’t Take The Money” Video (Dir. Lena Dunham)

Jack Antonoff is the Fun. co-leader and hitmaking producer whose project Bleachers has the new album Gone Now coming out next month. He’s also the longtime romantic partner of Girls creator Lena Dunham, and Dunham just directed the video for “Don’t Take The Money,” Bleachers’ Lorde collab that serves as the album’s first single. In the video, Antonoff plays a prince, or something, who’s about to get married. Arrested Development/Search Party/Green Room star Alia Shawkat plays the wedding’s officiant, and things go sideways pretty quickly. It’s a bright, colorful video, and it does some consciously progressive things with gender. Check it out below.

Gone Now is out 6/2 on RCA.