The War On Drugs Talk Upcoming “LA Record” In New Interview

The War On Drugs made their momentous comeback last month with the 11-minute epic “Thinking Of A Place.” They also announced a ton of tour dates, but they haven’t yet pulled back the veil on their follow-up to 2014’s breakout Lost In The Dream. What we do have in the meantime is a new interview with Pitchfork in which band mastermind Adam Granduciel describes the new album, recorded mostly in Los Angeles, as his attempt at an “LA record.” These are his exact words:

I kept thinking about an LA record and what that means. To me, it means the second Warren Zevon record, but it could also mean Tonight’s The Night. Then I threw my hands in the air and just wanted to make a record with my friends, wherever that may be.

Some more relevant details on the album:

Details are still scarce pending an official album announcement, but Granduciel confirms the new project will be “gooey, punchy, thick, big-sounding”—”a little different than some of the records we’ve made in the past, but the same general feeling in the music.” He also promises plenty of vibraphone, Mellotron, and a heavier bass presence, all with more of a live-room feel, and a little bit more Wurlitzer and piano. Expect “Thinking of a Place” to be the the longest track on the record, but Granduciel acknowledges the others are typically all around six minutes or more.

In addition to unpacking the recording process and discussing his leap to Atlantic Records, Granduciel also describes what place he was thinking of in “Thinking Of A Place”:

That’s definitely the South Dakota area. I came across this super-picturesque riverfront trailer park named Little Bend and I can’t even remember why, but I became fascinated with the site, so I just started there. But I don’t know where I went after that. I was trying to continue a narrative, but it quickly devolved into collecting scraps of paper and putting it all together over six months.

Revisit “Thinking Of A Place” below. It’s really great!