Big Sean – “Jump Out The Window” Video

Detroit rap-star goofball Big Sean released his new album I Decided. earlier this year, and he continues to exist in a world where Kendrick Lamar, intentionally or not, has eaten his soul. Sean’s got a new video for “Jump Out The Window,” one of the relationship-centric songs from I Decided., and it’s a fun one. Director Lawrence Lamont shows us Sean wandering into a haunted house and being beamed into a magical, Sega Genesis-style video game where he has to rescue a girl from a villain. There’s also a live-action go-kart-chase scene. It’s a supremely silly video, and I think it’s pretty endearing. Check it out below.

And as you are doubtless already aware, Sean performed the song at last night’s MTV Movie Awards, using a huge and expensive-looking set. Here’s that video:

I Decided. is out now on G.O.O.D. Music/Def Jam.