Stream Rixe Coups & Blessures EP

Hey, pretty good weekend for France! First, the country managed to avoid electing a terrifying fascist as its new president, thus becoming the envy of every major Western country that’s held an election in the past year. And then the grisly, tough Parisian street-punk band Rixe came out with its debut EP Coups & Blessures, and it’s really good! The latter event is admittedly a much smaller deal than the former, but the four songs of intense, grimy, direct throwback oi! on Coups & Blessures serve as a strong reminder, if you needed one, that it is possible to be French and sound like a badass at the same time. Listen to it below.

Coups & Blessures is out now on La Vida Es Un Mus Discos.

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