Love Ssega – “Hot Electrolytes”

We’ve long been fans of Love Ssega, a British-Ugandan musician whose material strikes me as a modern update on Talking Heads’ artful cutting-edge dance-rock or LCD Soundsystem without so much New York in it. “Minds” and “Pray For Love” showcased how much rhythmic power Ssega could cram into thoughtful, low-key pop songs, but the new “Hot Electrolytes” doesn’t hold back. It’s a straight-up party, which is more indicative of his live show, as he explains in the following statement:

Stereogum premiered my first solo track “Minds,” so I am happy to preview my next single “Hot Electrolytes” exclusively here to thank for their support from the very start.

This track is an explosion of Love Ssega. So now people know what to expect when they come to my live show. I play with a 5-piece band and we always approach each show like a party. And “Hot Electrolytes” is a track to showcase a bit of that energy and excitement.

Listen below.

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