Gouge Away – “Swallow” & “Sweat”

The Fort Lauderdale band Gouge Away combine just about everything great that the hardcore underground has going on right now. They’ve got the no-frills immediacy of old-school DIY hardcore, the tidal surge of metalcore, and the wracked intensity that only the best bands in emo bring. They also bring a sense of formal adventurousness, and they’ve got a woman for a singer, which immediately sets them apart in a genre that’s still mostly dude-centric. They just rule. Last year, the band released the impressive LP , Dies, and now they’ve followed it up with two new songs, both of which find them stretching out to longer lengths and digging into their grooves harder. Listen to both “Swallow” and “Sweat” below.

You can buy both songs right now from Bandcamp.

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