Watch Harry Styles Deliver James Corden’s Monologue

Young British rock prince and former One Direction main lad Harry Styles just released his self-titled solo debut, and he’s celebrating by sitting in for an entire week on James Corden’s Late Late Show. The two are old associates; Corden co-wrote One Direction’s “Best Song Ever” video way the hell back in 2013. On last night’s show, Styles gave Corden part of the night off, delivering the monologue and doing a comedy bit about the side effects of going solo. Styles’ comic timing is nothing to write home about, but he had fun with it, even doing the thing where he squinched his face up when a joke bricked. And he juggled apples. What Styles lacked in stand-up chops, he made up for in foxiness. There are simply no late-night hosts anywhere near this foxy. Later on the show, Styles and his band performed “Carolina,” probably the weirdest and most interesting song on his album. Watch it all below.

Harry Styles is out now on Columbia.