Aphex Twin Is Teasing A Mysterious House Music Project

Aphex Twin is up to something. This morning on Twitter, the elusive producer posted a video that features his own logo, snapping in and out of focus, along with a heavily treated voice giving a sort of sermon about house music. That voice, processed and disguised, comes from “My House,” a classic 1987 Chicago house single released by Rhythm Controll. On that single, Chuck Roberts delivered the sermon — “In the beginning, there was house” — and it’s part of the classic iconography of house music. There’s also a link to a mysterious, password-protected site, which plays a longer version of that sermon on a loop. And all of it has something to do with NTS, the London-based online radio station. Here’s the original tweet:

It could just be, of course, that Aphex is about to launch a house-music radio show, which would be cool. It would be even cooler, however, if we got to hear his own mutated take on that classic elemental ’80s Chicago house.

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