Katie Ellen – “Lucy Stone”

Soon after Chumped disbanded in 2015, vocalist Anika Pyle and drummer Dan Frelly started a new project called Katie Ellen. They released a demo collection and a 7″ containing two songs, “TV Dreams” and “Wild Heart,” that are included on the band’s upcoming debut album, Cowgirl Blues. That’s being announced today alongside lead single “Lucy Stone,” which is actually the first song that Pyle released for the project. It’s an urgent track about wanting autonomy in a relationship and recognizing that love is often not built to last: “Nothing is forever/ It’s stupid to think so/ So love me until one of us wants to be left alone,” Pyle sings. Listen to it via NPR below.

01 “Drawing Room”
02 “Wild Heart”
03 “Lucy Stone”
04 “TV Dreams”
05 “Proposal”
06 “Sad Girls Club”
07 “Han”
08 “Houses Into Homes”
09 “Cowgirl Blues
10 “Bleeding Heart”

Cowgirl Blues is out 7/14 via Lauren Records. Pre-order it here.