Institute – “Exhibitionism”

Austin punks Institute are going full speed ahead in anticipation of their sophomore album Subordination, out early next month. They recently shared their first single and album closer “Powerstation,” and today we get a proper look at the album’s bookends with LP-opener “Exhibitionism.”

While “Powerstation” is a big, heavy track that harkens back to larger-than-life classic rock guitar shredding, “Exhibitionism” sheds some of that weight, flying in fast and loud — a surefire sign of what’s to come on the rest of the album. It’s rock solid, reliable punk that packs a punch sonically and lyrically.

The tracks serve as a jumping off point for the band to explore new experimentation on the album and it incorporates different sounds and genres than from their previous record Catharsis. Lead vocalist Moses Brown punctuates each song with words that emphasize the lens in which he views the world. In “Exhibitionism” particularly, Brown looks inward, pulling from personal experiences in the public school system. He had this to say about the song’s makeup:

Shaming public schools for promoting aggressive individualism, promoting isolationism, ignorance, EXHIBITIONISM. All while deep American injustices are neglected and perpetuated in schools named after confederate generals.

Check out the track below, where you can find “Powerstation” too.


01 “Exhibitionism”
02 “Only Child”
03 “Prissy Things”
04 “All This Pride”
05 “Oil Money”
06 “Human Law”
07 “Too Dumb”
08 “Good Ol’ Boys”
09 “Powerstation”

Subordination is out 6/2 via Sacred Bones Records. Pre-order it here.

[Photo: Jane Pain]

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