EMA – “Breathalyzer” Video

This summer, EMA is coming back with the new album Exile In The Outer Ring. The new album follows up 2014’s great The Future’s Void, and she’s said it was “too political” for her old label Matador. After sharing first single “Aryan Nation,” EMA has now dropped a video for a new song called “Breathalyzer,” an intense six-and-a-half-minute drone about zoning the fuck out while sitting in back of a Camry. The video, from director Alicia Gordon, is a story about two people going to find a mysterious glowing substance. Below, check out the video and read what EMA has to say about it, via The FADER.

Of the video, EMA says:

The story in “Breathalyzer” is about kids getting fucked up in the back of a midlevel sedan and driving through suburban landscapes. I especially wanted to present a non-moralizing view of a woman deciding to take drugs. In most media representations, if a woman decides to take a substance she usually loses control and something bad happens. She is punished for her choices. I wanted to acknowledge that possibility of danger, but in the end she is her own judge as she confronts herself in the mirror while tripping heavily. The actors, Michael and Bianca, where in a band together before this called Bruxa so they already had a chemistry together. I think they did a great job.

Exile In The Outer Ring is out 8/25 on City Slang.