Arcade Fire’s New Single “Everything Now” Released

We already know we’re getting a new Arcade Fire song this week, and Reddit sleuths suggest it’s probably called “Everything Now.” (There’s a Rate Your Music page listing the song for Thursday release, posters promoting it have popped up in various major cities, and mysterious Twitter accounts have been sharing what appears to be a trailer for the song with Russian captions.) Now the band’s official account has tweeted the above artwork with the message, “Stay tuned for Infinite Content.” Notably, Arcade Fire’s recent single “I Give You Power” was licensed to a company called Infinite Content, and fans have been speculating since then that Infinite Content might be the new album title. It sure seems like cover art and an album title to me, but we’ll surely find out the specifics soon.

UPDATE: Arcade Fire are selling an “Everything Now” single and merch at Primavera Sound.

UPDATE 2: Some fans uploaded video of “Everything Now” playing in a Barcelona record shop, but the clip has been removed from YouTube. Meanwhile, the band cleared their Instagram beyond this photo of everyone in “Everything Now” jackets.


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UPDATE 3: Here’s the video!