Todd Terje – “Maskindans” (Feat. Det Gylne Triangel)

It’s album time again! Cartoonishly fun disco-house overlord Todd Terje inspired years of dancing with his 2014 debut, the cheekily titled It’s Album Time, and now he’s coming back for seconds. The Norwegian producer’s upcoming LP has the amazing working title Numero Twomero, and today, he’s teasing it by unleashing a cover of Norwegian new wave duo Det Gylne Triangel’s 1982 single “Maskindans.” The track features newly recorded vocals from Det Gylne Triangel’s singer himself, and while the original has a healthy dose of post-punk menace, Terje’s reimagining is, well, a Todd Terje song, shifting the focus squarely back to the dancefloor. The 12″ also comes with a radio edit and a remix by Erol Alkan, and you can listen below; I’ll be in the corner whispering “it’s album time” to myself over and over again.

Numero Twomero doesn’t have a release date yet, but “Maskindans” is out now on Piccadilly Records.

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