Kanye West’s Unreleased “Euro” & “Hold Tight” Leak

Lately, Kanye West has been in deep isolation, reportedly recording a new album at a mountaintop retreat in Wyoming, with Pusha T helping out. But over the weekend, as Okayplayer reports, a couple of mysterious tracks, which sure seem to be newish Kanye songs, made their way to the internet. We don’t yet know whether “Euro” and “Hold Tight” are brand-new Kanye songs, and it’s certainly possible that they’re fake. But if they are fake, they’re awfully convincing facsimiles.

Both “Euro” and “Hold Tight” are moody trap bangers that feature Kanye in confrontational mode. “Euro” has a verse from A$AP Rocky and a beat that supposedly comes from 808 Mafia producer TM88. It’s got Kanye fuming about being both motivated and underrated. The more provocative of the two tracks is “Hold Tight,” which features both Migos and Young Thug. And its lyrics, about race and drugs, are pretty striking: “I be acting like I’m white, fucking white bitches,” “I be sniffing Miley Cyrus with Miley Cyrus.” Hear the tagged-up tracks below, and hurry up before YouTube inevitably takes them down.

Given the way West works — not to mention the “Hold Tight” lyrics — it seems likely that these songs will never see release — or, if they are released, that they won’t sound anything like this.