Watch Baroness Debut New Guitarist Gina Gleason

Last week, Baroness announced the departure of longtime guitarist Pete Adams, at the same time also naming Adams’ replacement: Philadelphia’s Gina Gleason. Filling Adams’ shoes in Baroness is no easy feat: Not only is he a superb guitarist, he also displayed ESP-level chemistry with the band’s frontman, John Baizley. The two men’s dueling guitar interplay is some of the very best I’ve heard in the last decade. So Gleason has gotta be pretty fucking incredible to do that particular job.

Today, Baroness share two rehearsal videos with Gleason alongside Baizley, and based on the evidence displayed here, it appears she is indeed pretty fucking incredible. The band run through a couple tracks from their last LP, 2015’s Purple (opener “Morningstar” and lead single “Chlorine & Wine”), and Gleason sounds locked-in and fired-up. Her guitars are nice and high in the mix, so you can get a good idea of how hard she’s shredding. She is shredding hard. Watch.

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