Alan Vega – “DTM”

Suicide’s Alan Vega passed away last year, and today his first posthumous album has been announced — it will be released near the one-year anniversary of his death. IT was made alongside his wife and creative collaborator Liz Lamere, who had this to say to Rolling Stone: “Alan’s life force was so strong because he believed in his vision and purpose. He understood we can’t control much of what happens to us, or in our world, but we have free will and the power to go on and stand for what we believe in.” It’s Vega’s first solo album since 2007’s Station. You can hear early single “DTM” below.

01 “DTM”
02 “Duke’s God Bar”
03 “Vision”
04 “IT”
05 “Screamin Jesus”
06 “Motorcycle Explodes”
07 “Prayer”
08 “Prophecy”
09 “Stars”

IT is out 7/14. Pre-order it here.