Amy O – “Sunday Meal”

Amy O is Amy Oelsner, a veteran DIY artist who’s currently based in Bloomington, Indiana, and who’s gearing up to release the new full-band album Elastic later this summer. Amy O impressed us with the dreamily energetic “Lavender Night,” the album’s first single, and now she’s followed it with “Sunday Meal,” a truly gorgeous piece of fuzz-pop that speeds up and slows down on its own schedule. The song crams a whole lot of feelings (about the death of Amy O’s grandmother) and melodic ideas into its two minutes and 18 seconds. Below, listen to the song and read a quote about it from Amy O.

Amy O writes:

I wrote this upon returning home after spending a week in Connecticut watching my Grandma die in the summer of 2016. She was a sailor all her life, which inspired the line “She is calling me, come on home, steer the wheel along.” The whole experience made me think of home and all the forms it can take. The life I am building for myself is home, my childhood and the shared history I have with my family is home, my body is my home and I’m actually just a visitor here.

Elastic is out 8/4 on Winspear.

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