Jeremy Corbyn Will Introduce Run The Jewels At Glastonbury

British Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn just led a revolution in UK politics, crushing Prime Minister Theresa May’s conservative Parliament majority in the special election that May called as a blatant power-grab. And as a victory lap, Corbyn will show up at the UK’s biggest music festivals, and he’ll be introducing one of the world’s greatest live acts. Corbyn will be bringing Run The Jewels to the Pyramid Stage.

The Guardian reports that Corbyn will be speaking on the festival’s main stage next weekend. Talking to The Guardian, festival founder Michael Eavis says, “We’re Corbyn fans, that’s the thing. He’s got something new and precious, and people are excited about it. He really is the hero of the hour.”

Killer Mike seems, uh, proper chuffed about the announcement:

This is the second time a leader of the global leftist movement has helped out Run The Jewels at a big music festival. At last year’s Coachella, Bernie Sanders introduced the duo via video.