Moby & The Void Pacific Choir – “In This Cold Place” Video

Last week, Moby surprise-released a new album with the Void Pacific Choir called More Fast Songs About The Apocalypse, and today he’s shared a video for one of the tracks off of it, “In This Cold Place.” He once again teams up with illustrator and satirist Steve Cutts (who also did the “Are You Lost In The World Like Me?” video), and in this one he bastardizes a bunch of classic old cartoons and commercials as he follows a boy from childhood through to adulthood that constantly sits in front of the TV. Watch below.

Here’s what Cutts had to say about the video:

To me the ‘Saturday morning toon’ format seemed an apt way of depicting the circus of modern society, with the film focusing on our consumerism, greed, corruption and ultimately our self destructiveness. It laments the way children’s cartoons sugar coat reality, particularly in advertising where animals are portrayed as ecstatically happy to be taken advantage of for profit and characters are feverishly obsessed with a certain brand of products.

More Fast Songs About The Apocalypse is available as a free download.