Kodak Black Deletes Social-Media Accounts After Saying He Doesn’t “Really Like Black Girls”

After being released from jail earlier this month, the troubled teenage rap star Kodak Black did a recent Instagram Live Q&A session with fans. And during a long interlude where he asked fans to tell various different celebrity women that they “should fuck with me,” he made an offhand comment that pissed off a lot of his fans: “I don’t really like black girls like that.” In the inevitable social-media shitstorm that ensued, Kodak doubled down on his comments and refused to apologize.

As HipHopDX reports, Kodak followed that comment with this since-deleted post: “I Love Black African American Women Its Just Not My Forte To Deal With A ‘DARKSKIN’ Woman I Prefer Them To Have A Lighter Complexion Than Me #MyPreference #FuckYou.” And then this: “Hoes, niggas, whatever. I’m gonna knock your whole melon off. Don’t even comment on my shit with that fuck shit. You talking about black women. Bitch, fuck ya! I only like redbones. I love black African Americans but I don’t like black bitches. I like yellow hoes.” And then this: “Ima Monster. I Lost My Conscious. I Could Take Criticism… I Honestly Dgaf Bout Da Whole Black, Red, Chinse Thing… Nigga Just In A Situation #SG So Im Deactivating.” He then deactivated his Twitter and Instagram accounts, which had a combined follower count of over five million.

According to various allegations, Kodak has done things much worse than this. But this sort of stupidity is a strange byproduct of rap’s new SoundCloud era, when kids can amass huge audiences before they get the slightest bit of media training. There are good things about that, but it would be nice if someone would sit down with a kid like Kodak and coach him on how to stop saying and doing dumb things.

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