Tall Friend – “Small Space” Video

Earlier this month, Philly-via-DC trio Tall Friend announced their debut full-length, Safely Nobody’s, with the impressive “Oats,” and today they’ve returned with a video for the album’s second single, “Small Space.” Like the first, this one finds Charlie Pfaff focusing on the ways that childhood traumas can haunt our entire lives — “Think of a kid learning how to ice skate: there’s blood on the ice, but he’s quick on his blades,” they sing in a particularly expressive moment. But, as with “Oats,” “Small Space” is about finding strength within yourself to go about the day-to-day, and its closing line is emphasized by also being the title of the band’s new album: “I am no one’s/ I am sitting safely nobody’s.” Maybe a defense mechanism, but one that works. Watch and listen below.

Here’s what Pfaff had to say about the song to The Fader:

‘Small Space’ is a song about growing up in an environment that rejects and suppresses you, then coming out on the other side alive and new. I like the idea of biological processes occurring in spite of difficult circumstances. Apoptosis is the death and rebirth of cells, which allows the body to heal, while photosynthesis lets an organism absorb light and grow. I just wanted to document how wild it is that my physical self keeps surviving and wanting to, even if my brain gives up. My body carries me into unknown terrain, and I continue to live, even if I’m not sure why/how.

Safely Nobody’s is out 8/11 via Exploding In Sound. Pre-order it here.